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Re: Lighting Help

> Steve Bansee  sez:
> My tank stats:
> 36 long x 20 wide x 18 high (about 55 gal).
> My choices for lighting are -
> 4-55w, 4100k -  compact fluorescent (sylvania)
> or
> 6-25w T8, 5000k lamps.
> With the T8 lamps, I can go up to 8 lamps, because each ballast will do 3 or
> 4 lamps.  With the compact fluorescent, the only bulb I can get locally is
> the 4100k bulbs for about $10.00 cdn.

What about 4-40W compact fluorescents?  You should be able to drive
them with the same ballast as T8's, and they have a rated lamp life of
about 20,000 hours.  There is also a 95W compact fluorescent that is
36" long, available from www.ahsupply.com  You might could use one of
them and one 30W conventional fluorescent lamp (or two F25T8's).  I
think I would go with just the 95W compact, and plan on *maybe*
needing to add additional lighting in the future.