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Re: tiny black pointed snails...

In a message dated 4/26/00 12:11:55 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> While buying my plants, the person at the LFS showed me some tiny, black,
>  pointed snails, they sort of look like teensy ice cream cones, maybe 1/3
>  inch long and 3/16 inch wide at the widest end?  They are sort of hard to
>  describe.  He told me that his planted tank (which I have admired many
>  times in the store) is full of these things under the gravel, and that when
>  the lights go out, the snails come out of hiding.  He feels they are good
>  for aerating the substrate and cleaning up under there.
>  Does anyone know, from my rather limited description, what I am talking
>  about?  He gave me 3 of these critters to take home, and I don't know
>  whether to put them into the tank or not.  Are these things good?

Everyone had their own opinion of these Malaysian Trumpet Snails.  Mine is 
that they are a blight on the earth.  They overpopulate, nothing will eat 
them.  They are resistant to snail-killing chemicals,and they don't stay 
hidden during the day.  Okay, well some of them do.  A lot of them cover the 
tank walls and other stuff once the population gets out of control.

Bob Dixon