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Re: Turface/Profile & Flourite

Tom Barr wrote regarding Turface/Profile vs Flourite:

> Both work fine but I have found the flourite did
> better in several tanks that had had Turface/profile before. Why? I'm not
> sure, but things are better in all the tanks and flourite has never caused
> any issues in any tanks I have set up and there are quite a few (I lost
> count) now. Deep, shallow, RFUG's added or not(the jury's still out)
> high/low light etc. the stuff does the job so to me it's well worth it as
> has totally proven itself too many times in too many different water
> conditions. It sure cost more..........this is the big issue for most
> than turface/profile which I like the color of more in many cases but the
> stuff is so light like Amano's powersand. I want the stuff to stay put.

I am a beginner (with plants anyway) with one 20-gallon Flourite tank.  I
like the stuff a lot.  But I am going to set up a 120-gallon tank soon and I
am not yet convinced (challenge to Tom) that the much higher cost for
Flourite for such a large tank is worth it.

Tom and others seem to refer to Turface/profile as one and the same, but I
recall reading that they were slightly different with Profile being lighter,
more like clay, while Turface was larger, heavier, more like Flourite.  Can
anyone confirm this?  I understand that Dave's magazine will be comparing
these different substrates in an upcoming issue (can't wait!).

I am leaning toward using the Flourite as I know it is good stuff and I will
not want to tear down the 120-gallon show tank for many many years.  I just
need some more convincing before spending 8-10X more $$ on Flourite than on
Turface; any takers?

On another subject - I want to use something other than a bucket/hose and
mouth-full-of-water to change water in the 120.  I am considering a Python
or similar device.  I understand that one of these devices (can't remember
which) advertised that it removed chlorine or allowed it to dissipate
because it filled the tank by spraying the water into the tank in a fine
stream.  Anyone have info on this and its effectiveness at chlorine removal?
I am also considering something more automatic like a drilled tank
hard-plumbing solution through the upstairs floor to the unfinished basement
using cpvc or poly pipe.  What is stopping me from a hard plumbing solution
is the lack of an attractive double-hose bib type setup for the supply and
waste, that can be mounted in the wall behind the tank and covered with a
blank plate if I ever move the tank.  Like a smaller version of what
builders are now putting in homes for the washing machine (maybe CamperWorld
would have something like what I envision?).  Anyone have any ideas on a
hard plumbing solution that is attractive?

Many thanks to Tom, Paul, Karen, Roger, James, Dave, Erik, and all the other
experienced and knowledgeable contributors who frequent this list.

Scott Page
In Salt Lake City, home of the Utah Jazz, the 2002 Winter Olympics, and too
many LFS dedicated to Salt Water or Rift-Lake Cichlids.