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tiny black pointed snails...

I have finally set up my tank!  It looks great except that the water is a
bit foggy.  Also lots of air bubbles are stuck on the glass, plants,
everywhere.  I assume these two things will clear up in the course of the
next day or so?

While buying my plants, the person at the LFS showed me some tiny, black,
pointed snails, they sort of look like teensy ice cream cones, maybe 1/3
inch long and 3/16 inch wide at the widest end?  They are sort of hard to
describe.  He told me that his planted tank (which I have admired many
times in the store) is full of these things under the gravel, and that when
the lights go out, the snails come out of hiding.  He feels they are good
for aerating the substrate and cleaning up under there.

Does anyone know, from my rather limited description, what I am talking
about?  He gave me 3 of these critters to take home, and I don't know
whether to put them into the tank or not.  Are these things good?