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VHO Lighting Help

Hey All,

   I have a slight problem.  A while back I used to work in a Fish
Store......While working there I was able to purchase a used VHO lighting
fixture.  The only print on the fixture is "Top Aqaurium Series".  I think
it was made by perfecto, but I'm not sure....Any way, when I got it it had
two bulbs already in the fixture (it's a 2 bulb fixture).  Now, I'm looking
to get new bulbs cause I'm assuming these are fairly old.  Now the bulbs
are made by Philips and and it has the following information on it....
"Aqua Relle", "TLD 18W/89", "Made in Holland".  Now, I'm figuring that this
is a 18watt bulb, but does anyone know what the 89 or TLD is?  This is a
18" bulb.  I've seen some 18" bulbs that are either 35 or 75 watts.  Will
those bulbs be too much for the fixture.  I can' find any information about
what the maximum wattage is.  The fixture can not be easily taken apart.

If anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance...

Greg Pillar

Greg Pillar
Graduate Teaching Assitant
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Kansas State University
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