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Placement of compact fluorescent lights

1 ... Thanks to all who replied to my question about F17T8 lights. I
have been thoroughly convinced to go with compact fluorescent lights
2 ... I have searched the message archive for the APD on
http://www.actwin.com and read the relevant portions of the Krib, and
have found no answer to this problem: If I get only one 55 watt compact
fluorescent light with a reflector (from A.H.S.), this will not
sufficiently cover all of my 20 gallon long. If the reflector would be
raised a few inches, the light could spread to cover more area, but
would this allow too much intensity to be lost? Or, should I provide
another light for the back of the aquarium (assuming the 55 watt compact
fluorescent light was in front)? How do those with similar aquarium
configurations position their reflectors and lights?
Any advice would be appreciated.
Josh Liechty
jliechty at custom dot net