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re: Dumping on Amano (was:AZOO & Anthocyanidins)

>>"A number of ADA product claims are very dicey and I don't
see anyone dumping on Amano (they are too busy grovelling at the man's
amazing aquascaping and photography skills)."

I'll forever grovel at his amazing aquascaping and photography skills, but I
just can't see myself buying a product called "green brighty"...<<

Well apparently you are not the only one. They lost their American
distributor before they could get much going...the product line is too
expensive for retail stores, and it seems the american internet market
wouldnt buy into it either. The LFS in my town carried the product line on
the shelf for almost a year and never sold one single product. They ended up
giving it away at a raffle. However I understand it sells much better in
Europe and Asia. Amano built a business on the fame his photography created,
but I think he failed to understand the US market.

Robert Paul H