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sucessful beginner questions

The "new" forty gal plant tanks is cranking along surprisingly well now.

I added a spray bar at the bottom of the tank because the CO2 seemed to
be concentrating at the end near the filter and pump, at least the
plants are growing much faster at that end of the tank. I moved the Rio
to the middle back of the tank, ran a vinyl tube from the outflow to a
neck of 1/2" PVC and into a T where the arms of the spray bar are
attached. I drilled holes all the way down the bar, wiht the holes
closest to the T joint further apart than the those toward the ends in
hopes of evening the flowout a bit.

Seems ot work very well:  I have a steady but gentle flow all the way to
the ends of the pipes.

Question:  which way should I point the holes in the spray bar?  Right
now I have them pointed so the flow is straight out form the bar, just
about the sand level, so it "blows" across the bottom of the tank.

I changed my food to TMG and suddenly have a thick fibrous algea
starting in the Java Moss. I also have adard green or black branching
one that I would guess is staghorn?

Question: Will this settle out as the tank matures?  THe SAE's are in
quarantine right now...

I put in new Cabamba today; it of course looks a bit peaked. 

Question: How tall does it get adn will it become more upright as it

Question:  I hear to start with fast growing plants then replace them as
the tank settles, but I also hear to not disturb the substrate; how do
you plant new plants and remove old ones, or move plants, wihtout
disturbing the substrate?

Sorry about so many questions, but I seem to have reached that stage.