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Re: Dumping on Amano (was:AZOO & Anthocyanidins)

I believe I am the only one on this list that can stick up for ADA's product
line. True, that they do not disclose the exact make-up of their liquid
fertilizers and substrates, but that is purely from a business standpoint.
If you advertise what is contained in your product other will copy it and
market it lower than your.

ADA has disclosed some of the nutrients and amino and such in their liquid
fertilizer line, but unless you read Japanese you have not heard about it. I
have spent 5 years in Japan and have used ADA for close to 4 years. This is
not the place to describe all of ADA products but I can comment on a few of
the "software" related products I have used over the years with great
success I must add:

The Green Brighty Series:
These 3 liquid fertilizers are used depending on how long your tank(s) have
been established. Each differs in nutrient composition in relation to the
nutrient requirements of aquatic plants over time. Other than this not much
more is said about these fertilizers. I have used Step 1~3 over the years
and it has worked for me. I have not really compared these to other
fertilizers, but if it works why change (except for price). The main reason
I used these, and other ADA products, is because of availability and price
in Japan.

This is mostly a amino and iron supplement. I have used this for about a
year. It sure did give a boost to my red plants.

Green Bactor
Mostly a bacteria supplement. I add a few drops to each bucket of newly
added water. Does it help? It sure doesn't hurt.

There are many other products that ADA markets, but the English speaking
market will never know about. Nature Aquarium Imports, the company that
imported and distributed ADA, failed to market more information about ADA's
products. Why would someone buy a product they know nothing about? Rumor has
it that ADA is working on a 2000 Product Catalog in English. I would not
hold my breath though. They said the same thing about a 1999 catalog, but
never delivered. True that ADA does sell more in Europe and Asia than North
America, but once again ADA has a German, Italian, and French version of
their product catalog. I know a catalog is not everything, but it is a

It won't be until ADA start importing more products again, and more
information is made available in English that the North American, and other
English speaking countries, will try ADA. I have seen knock-offs to some of
ADA products sold by a relatively new company called Aquarium Landscapes.
Aqua Design Amano is all about high quality therefor higher price. Mind you
that ADA is a Japanese company. A lot of people in Japan are willing to pay
higher price for higher quality. It's a status thing, just like the teenage
girls there that run around with a cell phone in one hand and a Prada bag in
the other.

Regardless of what James Purchase wrote, I don't believe ADA directly has
made any "dicey" claims. I know that there are a few others on this list
that can say that ADA does have some decent "software" products.

Ryan Stover