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Re: new growth turning pinkish red -- please help its making me miserable :o(

It's possible that you have a shortage of magnesium; I believe someone
recently said that this is one possible manifestation. It could mean
that you just have healthy plants and good light.

When you describe your regime, you don't mention any of the major
nutrients required by plants for growth. The nutrient mixes sold in
stores often don't have enough of these minerals; for one thing, they
are often present in hard water so its unnecessary to add them. But
unless you know that your water has enough of these nutrients, it might
be wise to supplement them. There is a summary of the nutrient
requirements for plants on my website and on the Krib. You'll also find
a simple recipe for supplementing the basic minerals that doesn't
require you to use test kits. You may also like to investigate the PMDD
approach (which is similar in some respects). The approach described on
my website HTBASS (or how to grow beautiful aquatic plants) focuses on
getting many nutrients from the substrate and only supplementing K,Mg,
Ca, CO2 and to a lesser degree N, in the water.

Happy reading! ;-)
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