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Re: snail farm

In a message dated 04/18/2000 4:09:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< Suggestions?  I am planning on adding my clown loaches to this tanks
 soon, if the light is not too bright for them (anyone know how much 
 light they can take?). Will the loaches eat teh snails? Will the SAE's? >>
If you have that many snails your loaches will think they have died and went 
to fish heaven! Yes, the clown loaches will eat them, SAE's will not. Yo-yo 
loaches will eat snails too.  The light should not be a problem for them as 
long as you have places for them to hide (that are dark) if they want to. If 
you provide this type of shelter, you are much more likely to have them 
swimming around the tank. One other thing, if the snails are Malaysian 
trumpet snails, then the loaches will make little or no impact on their 
numbers IME.
Good Luck
In Pittsburgh, with cool cloudy conditions