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new growth turning pinkish red -- please help its making me miserable :o(

Well I already asked this question in my last email but no one replied..
maybe cos I crapped on too much.. so heres the lowdown :o)

Why are all my stem plants new growth turning a pinkish brown.  I got most
of them a week and two weeks ago and every one of them the new growth is a
pinkish brown.  The hygro i got 2 weeks ago is starting to look a bit sickly
while the other plants I got 1 week ago , abmulia, bacopa and another
species which i don't know the name all have pinkish growing shoots.  Is it
algae (I can't rub it off with my fingers) ? Is it a nutrient defficiency ?
Has it got something to do with my lighting (2X30W aquarelle over 3ftx14x18)
? Its really annoying me because I thought at last I had worked out planted
tanks (over a year since I started dabbling).  Got CO2 injection, got
laterite in substrate, got nutrients (seachem flourish and flourish Iron).
got an algae crew (brislenose, ottos, SAEs)..... only thing maybe havent got
enough light.. but should just make the plants grow a lil slower ?????  Dont
usually have an algae problem cept brown algae coated my amazon sword and i
get a lil bit of green algae on the glass and theres a bit of blue green on
the heater and in the co2 injection in the tank....
 please help me... its really frustrating and making me miserable..

Jon Hammond