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How many fish are too much?

Just curious about how many fish create the 'perfect' balance in an
aquarium.  At what point should someone look to getting another planted
aquarium to handle the desire for a new fish?  I have a 45 gallon heavily
planted tank with 5 white skirt tetras, 4 swordtail platties, and 6 young
neon rainbowfish.  Is this too much?

I am currently taking care of an ick problem. Thanks to all of the helpful
responses, I now have a clue as to what do without killing the plants (and
tetras).  Eventually, I would like to add a few algae eaters to take care of
the looming algae.  Thanks to the responses I got before on the algae issue
as well, I know that some is ok - just not BBA.  My tank has not become
overrun with algae like I had feared.


Jennifer Prince