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While picking up a plant order at my favorite LFS this afternoon, the
manager gave me a bottle of AZOO RED PLANT NUTRIENTS to try out. Since part
of my order was some beautiful Althernanthera reineckii, I agreed. The label
reads, in part:

"Anthocyanidins is the main pigment that turns water plants red. AZOO RED
PLANT NUTRIENTS contains  unique formulas that activate and transform the
Anthocyanidins enzyme in water into anthocyanidins [???] Meanwhile, AZOO RED
PLANT NUTRIENTS contains critical trace elements that are essential to turn
water plants red. It turns the leaves of all red water plants and some green
water plants reddish under  the illumination of light with the 300-400 nm
wave length. It is the best activator of reddish enhancement for water

Anything in square brackets [], is editorial comment. The label gives no
specific nutrient breakdown or list of ingredients.

Question for the botanists and/or chemists: Are these claims reasonable (the
one about the Anthocyanidins "enzyme")?

James Purchase