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Re: How many fish are too much?

Jennifer Prince wrote:

>Just curious about how many fish create the 'perfect' balance in an

My preference (and it might not be everybodys opinion) is to call a tank in
'balance' when the plant filter (in combination with the bacterial filter
which we can't escape anyway, see thread on Biological Filter) is capable of
absorbing all the generated nitrogenous waste. This would mean that you
shouldn't see a build-up of nitrates in your tank. The only way you can find
where this balance might be is by trial and error since it depends on so
many factors. I would start with a low fish load and while monitoring the
tank slowly increase it until you reach that point (this might take a few
months). Based on my experience, your fish load is quite low but then it
depends a lot on how much you feed them.

Adrian Banica

Edmonton, Alberta