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Re: Anthocyanidins

>From: busko at stsci_edu (Ivo Busko)
>Subject: Re: Anthocyanidins
>krombhol at teclink_net (Paul Krombholz) wrote:
>> anthocyanins, (no such thing as anthocyanidins) phosphorous DEFICIENCY can
>Isn't anthocyanidin a fragment of the anthocyanin molecule ?
>- - Ivo Busko
>  Baltimore, MD

I looked them up, and, yes, they do exist. I didn't know that.
Anthocyanins can lose a sugar molecule to become anthocyanidins.  Both
contribute to colors in plants.  The Azoo Red Plant Nutrients is still
snake oil.  They say their "unique formulas activate and transform the
Anthocyanidins enzyme in water into anthocyanidins" Enzymes don't get
transformed into their products.  How is this enzyme in the water?  If it
were, it would get consumed by bacteria quickly.  There are biochemical
pathways in plants involving the formation of these pigments.  Many enzymes
are necessary for the functioning of these pathways.  These enzymes are all
in the cells of the plants.  They don't exist or function outside in the

Paul Krombholz, in sunny central Mississippi, where things are drying out.