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Wet/dry help

Good day everyone,

I recently acquired a 50 gal (36w x 18h x 20d) tank.  I am in the planning
stages right now. I trying to do this cheap, am... I mean inexpensive,
because its going to be in my unfinished basement (and my wife will kill me
if I spend any more money), so I reusing stuff I have and hoping just to buy
the pump for the sump.

 I was thinking about making a wet/dry filter for this tank.  I have almost
everything (according to the articles on the Krib) except a return pump.

I have never made one before, so I'm just going from what I read on the web.
The sump is going to be an old 15 gal tank I have, the bio tower is going to
be made from some plexi-glass or an 8" PVC Pipe that I have kicking around.

For the overflow I was thinking about getting the back glass of the 50 gal.
drilled, add a strainer and two elbows.  This is kind of hard for me to
explain, so I drew it, www.icenter.net/~tvg/misc/outflow.gif .  I have seen
this at one LFS here in town.  Do you all see any problems doing this?  Or
should I build an overflow box, like the one on Chuck's site

Also need some help trying to figure out what pump to get (I'm thinking
something that will do about 200 gph), the bottom of the sump is going to be
about 4ft from the top of the tank.  What would you all recommend
(inexpensive now, remember :-)....

Oh yeah, the tank is going to be heavily planted, CO2 injected and about
150w lighting.

Winnipeg, MB
(its still cold outside......21F)