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More on tiny leaves

Tom B.:  When you mentioned a shortage of co2 as a
possible cause of stunting, did you mean the slowing
of growth, or more like what I was talking about?  

I have noticed that the only plants in my tank that
bubble that much are the stargrass and Java fern. 
They are near the co2 cup on top of the Duetto.  
Is it possible that the rest of the plants are not
getting enough carbon?  Could that be the deficiency?
I mean, carbon is one of the most basic elements of
life, so could a lack of it hinder proper growth?

I can't really see another effective way to distribute
co2, so I'm wondering if this Flourish Excel stuff may

Roger: My plants look the same after the addition of
Boron as before.  I think reducing it more may help,
but I haven't seen any of the other symptoms mentioned
in the article you mentioned (which was very good  in
issue 205?).  Still, a tiny bit has to help, because
for some reason, Seachem products don't have it
(except for a tiny bit in the tabs).  I'm hoping that
the lack of sodium and chloride after using
Equilibrium and kno3 will help too. 

Again, thank you to all those who have helped me.  I
really appreciate it, and I hope I can hang on long
enough to pass on some of what I have learned, Cavan. 

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