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Re: Wet/dry help

> Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 23:59:09 -0500
> From: "Steve Bansee" <tvg at icenter_net>
> Subject: Wet/dry help

> For the overflow I was thinking about getting the back glass of the 50 gal.
> drilled, add a strainer and two elbows.  This is kind of hard for me to
> explain, so I drew it, www.icenter.net/~tvg/misc/outflow.gif .  I have seen
> this at one LFS here in town.  Do you all see any problems doing this? 

As long as your tank isn't made of tempered glass, it sounds like a 
great plan.   Better than using a strainer, I'd get an Aquaclear 500
sponge and cut it to make a round sponge that fits over the pipe.  Much
larger surface area, so it won't clog as quickly.  Then just rinse the
sponge a couple times a week to keep the water flowing fast!

> Also need some help trying to figure out what pump to get (I'm thinking
> something that will do about 200 gph), the bottom of the sump is going to be
> about 4ft from the top of the tank.  What would you all recommend
> (inexpensive now, remember :-)....

I'm using a RIO 1700.  It's been a very good performing pump.
Might be a bit strong, but I use a spraybar on the return, which
slows the flow slightly.  (the spraybar is all the way under
water...  I just didn't want a real concentrated stream of water
entering the tank...)   Most of the smaller powerheads can't 
pump water up very far.  The 1700 has no problem with 4 or 5 feet.

Chuck Gadd