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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #208

Elvis writes:

> You had proposed a solution for the problem of condensed water on the
>  glass covers dissolving the glass and causing etching and deposits.
>  You'd suggested coating the glass with some type of plastic coating,
>  perhaps by painting it on. The problem with almost all kinds of
>  transparent paints is that they are dissolved in organic thinners. I
>  suspect that anything which you just spray on, even with a catalyst, is
>  going to be somewhat reactive and possibly toxic. If there was some kind
>  of transparent plastic material that was suitable, maybe you could use
>  that instead of glass. Then you wouldn't have to worry about painting it
>  on, or being limited to plastics surfaces that can be created by
>  painting.

Marine grade epoxy spar varnish will work just fine.  Non-toxic, non-soluble, 
and available in a colorless transparent.  A number of people have used it to 
seal wooden aquariums with a glass front.  It also sticks well to silicone 
aquarium sealant.