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Re: Cleaning Glass

Steve Pushak wrote:  You had proposed a solution for the problem of
condensed water on the glass covers dissolving the glass and causing
etching and deposits.

--When I lived in New Mexico, water was collected from the mountains
surrounding the Tularosa Basin and held in big underground cisterns
before being delivered in wonderfully tasty fashion to my tap.  To say
the water was hard is like saying Michaelangelo painted houses.  You
could literally see mineral deposits in the water when you drew a glass
full from the tap.  When you filled an aquarium straight from the tap it
looked like it was snowing.

This caused all sorts of deposits to build up.  The buildup on the glass
seemed to happen overnight.  To remedy this I used some cheapo dime
store plastic wrap, trimmed to fit each piece of glass.  This stuff
clung to the glass wonderfully and could be replaced easily at partial
water changes.  All of the deposits went out with the old plastic wrap.
Fast and easy, just the way we like.