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>From: chong wan-tong <deweychong at yahoo_com>
>Subject: Newbie
>........ I need help in the following areas:
>(1) Is there a good book which I, as a beginner, can
>    get hold of to start off my hobby?
>(2) Should i seek a professional help to set up the
>    aquarium or should i be doing it myself.I heard
>    that there would be a high failure rate for
>    beginner and it would probably cost more doing
>    myself after all the trial and error than getting
>    professional help to set up and imparting the
>    knowledge.
>Any advice is highly appreciated.

Start out cheap!  Get a small aquarium, a few small, cheap fish, and some
plants that are known as "old favorites".  These are plants that grow well
submersed like Vallisneria,   Hygrophila polysperma, or Sagitteria.  Water
sprite, Ceratopteris, is an especially good plant to start with.  If you
invest a whole lot in fancy plants, a large tank, high-tech lights, and
expensive CO2 injection systems, and, if the plants don't do well, you will
be a lot more tempted to quit than you would be if you started with a small

Most of the small, cheap booklets on starting up an aquarium do not have
good advice.  Review the material in the Krib

There are a number of articles for starting up tanks there.  Read all the
articles by Karen Randall that you can find.

Paul Krombholz, in windy central Mississippi, where, at 33 degrees F, we
broke a low temperature record last night.