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RE: stuff for your 90 gallon

>I would appreciate some learned advice....  I have a 90 gallon freshwater 
>planted tank (48x24x24) with 200 watts of fluorescent lighting and 2 DIY CO2 
>bottles running.  My substrate is mostly flourite, use Seachem products for 
>fertilization etc..........  I have some money to spend (praise be)! and am 
>trying to decide between a pressurized CO2 system or upgrading lighting.  If 
>I decide to upgrade lighting, what type i.e. VHO, PC, SHO, MH, etc.  My tank 
>is planted with mostly sword plants (Amazons and Rangeris) and are doing OK, 
>but not the best.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The tax man was nice huh?
Go for the CO2 first since you have the lights. Check out a home brewing or
other on line places for the regulator/needle valves or if you prefer the
high pressure set up with the disc. You should be able to get it under 100$
or so if you look(mine's 70$ ea). I'd get a 10lb tank or a 20 if you can fit
somewhere(you may be able to get a used one).
MH pendants will look very nice for such a tank. 2 x 175w for 189$ea for the
tank or PC's in the 220w or more range would be the best IMO. You can have
the swords grow right up and out of your tank with the
pendants...........very nice and they make working on the tank a breeze and
you can adjust the height of these lights very easy. Bulbs will last a
little longer on the PC's but not very much I think. Consider adding some
jobes under those swords for food. They get hungry and if you have enough
CO2 you will have a tree, not a sword.
Tom Barr