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Green water

 I am setting up a new tank. I have NO fish or plants in it. Just sand, 
flourite, gravel from the river, and a piece of Malaysain driftwood. All of
that was pre-soaked for a week. I had hooked up my equipment and had it
running for about a week when all of a sudden the water turned green. Fairly
nasty looking. The water was not still. I had cleaned the tank with vinigar
and salt and rinsed it 3 times before I filled and equiped it. Could the
gravel from the river have done it?

Tank- 135g
ph- 7.8
ammonia- 0ppm
nitrite- 0ppm
nitrate- 0ppm
kh- 5dkh or 89.5ppm
gh- 7dgh or 125.3ppm

aqua. pharm test kits