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Re: Apparent O2 shortage, need help!!

"Matt" wrote:

>After having many of my fish for several years, through thick and thin,
>more than half of them met their ends last night, due to the contents of
>both of my 2 liter yeast reactors being sucked into my tank by the

I just had a similar experience four days ago.  Except I was using square
juice bottles with rigid sides to avoid the collapsing problem.  However,
water back-flowed into the bottle and then out again into the tank.
Emptying not the whole bottle, but enough so that the water started
getting cloudy white.  

I changed a bunch of water and left an airstone running for about 2 days.
The yeast looked mostly cleared by then, and I tentatively turned it off
two mornings ago.  There was bubbling of plants that night, and all seems
well now.