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Re: Need help with equipment decisions

Don asks:

I would appreciate some learned advice....  I have a 90 gallon freshwater
planted tank (48x24x24) with 200 watts of fluorescent lighting and 2 DIY CO2
bottles running.

Wayne says:

This size of tank is considered to be a 120 gallon not a 90. 200 watts is
rather an odd number, what are the sizes of the lamps you have now?

Six 40 watt lamps should fit into the canopy quite easily which should be
enough light for a 90 gallon tank. Can you just add to what you already
have? I am not sure it is enough for a 120 gallon tank though. It depends on
the specifications of your system. Four 55 watt PCs would be quite nice also
and would give a little more light than the 6 NO fluorescents especially if
you got the ones from AH supply with the really nice reflectors. The
cheapest system in the long run would be six T8 lamps on high light output
electronic ballasts. This would give you a little more light than the PC
system provided you could equip the system with an equvilently good

If I had extra money though I would definately like to try an open top tank
with a pair of 175 watt MH pendant lights. Maybe you could do this and then
just regale me with stories on how beautiful your tank looks.