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Brown patches on Swordplants

K9AUB at aol_com wrote:

> 29g Angelfish tank, 3 Angels, 3 Corys.  Temp 80*F, pH 8.0, GH 16, KH 8.
> watts of cool white lamps approx. 2" above the water over an open top tank
> (no cover glass) for approximately 4.5 watts per gallon.  Supplemental
> fertilized with Hagen's Plant Gro and Fluorish Iron.  Ammonia 0, nitrites
> nitrates 20 ppm or less.  Can anyone tell me why my Echinodorus bleberi is
> developing brown patches on the leaves?

I can't tell you much about your brown sports, but at 8.0pH and 8.0dKH
you're only seeing 2.4ppm CO2 - less than the available CO2 in an open lake
in nature.

michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com