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Java Fern


I have 400l Angelfish tank, Temp 27*C, pH 7.0, GH 14, KH 11.  2 x 60 watts cool
white and red lamp. Beside other plants I have also Java Fern (Microsorium
pteropus) attached to driftwood. In the past it was growing very good, I had to
remove a half of all plants every 6 monts. But some time ago all leaves suddenly
went brown and from then on it is not growing any more. It creates some leaves but
usually they are getting yellow and brown after few months. eaves also have brown
spots (they had it also when plant was doing fine). I tried to plant it in another
tank but also there it can't grow successfully. few months ago I also tried some
new medicines because fishes have parasites, but I change 10% of tank water every
week so I guess this shouldn't be a problem. Do you have any idea what should be

Best regards,