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Brown patches on Swordplants

29g Angelfish tank, 3 Angels, 3 Corys.  Temp 80*F, pH 8.0, GH 16, KH 8.  135 
watts of cool white lamps approx. 2" above the water over an open top tank 
(no cover glass) for approximately 4.5 watts per gallon.  Supplemental CO2, 
fertilized with Hagen's Plant Gro and Fluorish Iron.  Ammonia 0, nitrites 0, 
nitrates 20 ppm or less.  Can anyone tell me why my Echinodorus bleberi is 
developing brown patches on the leaves?  It doesn't seem to be following any 
particular pattern; it's just random-shaped patches of brown.  Is this a 
nutrient deficiency, or a nutrient excess?  Any suggestions?