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Gomberg and PAM

More praise.

I just got my first copy Friday, and am most happy with it. Dave did a
terrific job in signing up some excellent authors/photographers and putting
out an interesting and attractive magazine.

What hasn't been mentioned here is that he signed up a lot of the "good
guys" as advertisers. To me, the ad copy was nearly as interesting as the
editorial copy, and I hope we all can persuade our favorite suppliers to
keep us informed through this medium.

I, for one, plan to be sure I tell them where I saw their ad when I buy
anything from them. I'll also keep my copy in the car, so I can show it to
my LFS proprietor when I visit them. This mag could do a lot to expand the
plant hobby by both recruiting new hobbyists and by showing the LFS that the
plants are an important part of it.


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