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Re: Flourish Excel

> 1) It's use by algae and bacteria should not be a concern.
> 2) It is very important that the user heed the rather bold warning on
> the label to _not overdose_ the product (yes there is a safety margin
> built in).
> I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out why
> statement 2 explains statement 1. ;-)
> - -Greg Morin

My question would be: is this a replacement for CO2 injection? How would two otherwise identical plant tanks fare, one with flourish excel and the other with CO2 injection (the answer to that one might be a somewhat complex "it depends"  ;)  Maybe a better question would be what type of setup would have the most to gain by the addition of flourish).

I can certainly see potential for having multiple plant tanks without the expense/hassle of multiple CO2 setups.

-- Stephen