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Re: Flourish Excel

>Hmmm.  I think I'll just call it "pcga".
>A few months back I was wondering if a nutrient deficient plant might leak
>some of it's photosynthetic intermediates and if algae might then be able
>to use the photosynthetic intermediate as a medium for growth.  I posed
>that question to Jeffrey Dahm, a biology professor at the University of
>New Mexico.  His answer was (among other things) that bacteria would be
>likely to outcompete algae for a free metabolite.
>My guess is that both plants and algae can use the pcga - that's no
>different from CO2, as both plants and algae can use that, too - but that
>both the plants and algae may get some pretty stiff competition from
>bacteria.  Just how much competition probably will depend a lot on the
>amount and kind of filtration used.
>To the extent that the pcga is used by bacteria it will probably also pose
>an oxygen burden on the tank.
>Any more comments, Greg?

1) It's use by algae and bacteria should not be a concern.

2) It is very important that the user heed the rather bold warning on 
the label to _not overdose_ the product (yes there is a safety margin 
built in).

I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out why 
statement 2 explains statement 1. ;-)

-Greg Morin

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