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Otos and SAE's

>Hello. I've set up a 30g planted tank following fairly closely the
>guidelines in Karen Randall's article on classroom aquariums. (I used
>Flourite instead of making my own substrate.)

That's fine. Flourite works fine, and it's prettier as well. 

> I've reached the point where
>it's time to add otos and SAEs. Fortunately, I have access to both, but I'm
>not quite sure how many I need of each, or should I just use one or the
>other? I added 4 otos today, and they look lost in there.

If you have access to both, use both.  They do not eat the same types of
algae.  I'd suggest 6 Otos and 3 SAE's in a 30G tank.

> I haven't noticed
>much of an algae problem at all -- just some algae growing on my driftwood

That's good, and that's the way you want to keep it.  It's much easier to
stay ahead of the algae than it is to play "catch up".