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Re: Need help identifying algae

Sorry I can't help identifying your algae, but wanted to mention that 
although your tank is heavily planted with fast growers, they are not growing 
well enough, or you would not have measureable ammonia in the tank. (They 
would be using the ammonia).

The tank is cycling. You probably have a lot of excess nutrients in there the 
plants are not yet using and are available to the algae. I'd hold off on 
fertilizing with the tabs, since you've got the Fluorite substrate, and wait 
till everything's adapted and growing well. 

Keep an eye on pH with ammonia present in the tank, under 7.0. 


<< Heavily planted with fast growers and 3 Sailfin black mollies.
 90g, 3.3wpg, automated co2 system, Substrate heating, 4 inches
 of 100 percent Flourite, Flourish tabs, temp 80f, Ph 6.8 to 6.9, 
 Kh 4, Gh 6, Phosphate 1.0, Nitrate 0, Iron .1, Nitrite 0, Ammonia
 .25, using TMG and 12 hour photo period. >>