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Kribensis question

Sorry about the non-plants post but does anyone out their keep Kribs?  I put
a pair in my heavily planted 55 gallon about a month ago.  I also put a
mostly buried clay pot upside down in the gravel as I was told they were
cave dwellers.  I left an opening only large enough for them to use.

Anyway, the female fattened up over the past couple of weeks and is now
spending all of her time inside the 'cave'.   The male comes out a lot but
spends his time chasing anything nearby away from the pot.

Any explanation, assistance, or advice (off-list please) would be

John Haydt
Lansdale, PA

PS Thanks also to whoever's web page recommended the Yo-Yo Loaches.  I found
a couple, they are fun to watch and are a good clean up crew.