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Re: Shipping plants

Dwight wrote:

Box Fees?" I used to hate that!  But now reality is having a sobering
effect on my idealism.
Sadly, I will also be including insurance charges in all my future sales.
USPS rarely screws up insured shipments.<<

Then Robert H. Paul wrote:

Thats all well and good, but neither UPS or FedX will give insurance on
perishable products, and both also require government inspection
certificates for live plant delivery. I dont think the post office will
either. I would rather tell customers up front, that there is a chance some
plants may be damaged, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

So now, I write:

I am not insuring the health of plants on arrival...I am insuring arrival!
Adapting packing and shipping times is the way I increase the odds of
shipping healthy plants.  Once that box is stamped "insured" those buggers
at the USPS actually DO THEIR JOBS!  It DOES arrive in 2-3 days as priority
is supposed to.  It also ....arrives!  THAT is the key.

Now if per chance it gets stolen or lost in transit it matters little WHAT
the contents are/were....THEY totally lost it! And they will pay for it.
I have usually insured the more expensive priority shipped DriftWood orders
and they have never gone missing.

But yes, I don't mind at all telling costumers there is a chance plants may
be damaged in transit despite best efforts and that they should be willing
to accept some loss.

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