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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #195

Some people have asked me concerning Japanese publications. I am willing to 
send as many people as ask copies or back issues of the following magazines.

   ADA Publications
Aqua Journal     555
Suikei           1,715
Aqua! do         115
Aqua Digest      2,875

Aqua Life        1,150 - 1,380 depending upon issue

Fish Magazine    1,150 - 1,380 depending upon issue

Minima           1,725 - 2,300 depending upon issue

I add 15% to each price for handling. Postage or Fed Ex is extra.
Please give your address and I will quote postage and Fed Ex rates.
Please note the providing of these magazines is not an ongoing commercial 
venture for me. The mark up is only sufficient to cover my costs.

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