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Driftwood Weighting

    I agree that the best thing to do for driftwood is the rock method.  I
just put a beautiful piece of cedar in my 29 gallon this weekend using that
method.  However, not all of us have a drill press, so I just use a Dremel
and an aluminum oxide bit to drill the hole.  I would also suggest using
stainless steel bolts and washers instead, to prevent corrosion/liftoff of
driftwood.  The Dremel is great for putting a hole in the wood as well.  If
you are really careful, you can tunnel through the back side and set the
washer and nut in the middle of the wood (you may want to practice this a
few times.)  If anyone would like to see a picture of the finished product,
I'd be glad to send a couple of pictures.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take
pictures during the assembly, so all you can see is the in situ picture.
It's still awesome!  My kribs are loving the hollowed out part.

    On a side note, I've got about 20-40 small to medium jungle vals to
trade off for some decent sized bolbitis or E. tennelus.

Douglas Bertelsen
dcbertelsen at zxmail_com

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