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** Comments and Questions about collecting local plants **


I have a question for anyone who may be in the know and would care to 
comment.  Living in Louisiana I am blessed with miles and miles of 
beautiful freshwater rivers and marshes.  Now, I am not so blessed with the 
humidity level, but that is another story.

Anyway, I was fishing in a marsh Saturday and while there collected a 
couple of interesting freshwater plants (along with lots of bass/perch).  I 
haven't put an identification on them yet and don't know if I can.  I do 
have a digital camera and would be happy to snap some shots and email them 
to anyone who would care to try and id them.  I have no website to put them 
up on for display.  Please respond privately if anyone would care to look 
at them.

My real question is about introducing them to my tank.  Are there any 
precautions I should take or special preparations I should do before I 
induce them to the tank? Is it a risk?  Should I forget about it? Any 
comments on this would be appreciated.


Mike G.
msg at laol_net