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Re:Pinpoint Ph monitor

I have a Pinpoint Ph monitor and also have Perfecto SHO lights. I found out
that you cannot take a reading with the lights on. There is some type of
interference from the ballast in the SHO light that causes the monitor
readings to jump around. When I shut the  SHO lights off the reading
stabilizes. That might be your problem. AS far as your monitor varying .03+
or - that is not bad for a $100 monitor.

> From: Andrew Lester <atlester at home_com>
> Subject: Pinpoint Ph Monitor
> Recently as part of my CO2 injection system I purchased a Pinpoint Ph
> monitor.  The first one I purchased would wildly put out nonsensical
> readings.  After contacting the manufacture Iwas told that "the glass in
> the probe had probably shattered and to return it for a new one".  The
> second one arrived today and after going through a lengthy calibration
> process my monitor was calibrated.  Now I have the monitor hooked up to
> aquarium testing the CO2 injection system and after five hours it can not
> lock onto one or even two readings.   For example it "hunts" between  7.07
> to 7.10 to 7.09 to 7.12.  It even does this with none CO2 injected
> water.  Not the kind of accuracy I expected or need.