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S. nigriventris adn algae

Hi, Bob.

Now that's a thought, but I am talking a several times size difference.
The big guys are in the big tank and the little ones in the little tank
because the three runts wouldn't grow are all and never seemed to have
the full look the rest of the catfish get when the eat, sorta a taut
tummy, so I put them in with smaller fish.

How great is the sexual dimorphism in these fish? The smaller fish stay
lighter, almost white, most of the time and just look nervous.  The
bigger S. nigriventris stay mostly a darker brown and although they stay
hidden most of the time they are not shy when they want to come out.

The S. nigriventris get what everyone (two S. decorus and three plecs)
gets: bottom feeder flakes, worms, shrimp and zukes. The S. nigriventris
are little thieves and do quite well at scarfing up stuff before the
bigger fish get it.  In the big tank.  In the little tank, I would swear
they don't eat anything but algae. Been alive and twitching in my tanks
since November, tho.