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Java moss giveaway, was Java Moss not doing well

This is a two-part post.

First to Bob Buettner:

My tank has similar parameters as yours, except the light which is
not as bright (3 watt/gal). I also noticed the same behavior when first
introduced Java moss. I tied a tiny piece to driftwood, and it just 
sat in there for weeks and didn't grow at all. This was circa 8 mo. ago. 
Now the same plant is a *huge* and healty green ball, about 12" dia, starting 
to get invasive. So I guess you just have to give it the time it needs 
to adjust to your tank. It's a slow grower, but worth the wait. 

Now to everyone:

It's time for a major haircut of that Java moss ball. I just *hate* to throw
at the compost bin something that took so long to grow. Besides, I got the
"seed" for free from Jamie Johnson in Greenwood, SC, and it's time to give
something back. So, anyone interested in getting a piece for free please 
write me off list.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD