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Re: Algae Destroyer

Dear tsuh yang chen,

I work at a shop that sells that algae destroying liquid as well as other 
products that are supposed to destroy algae, but although I have never use 
any of them myself, my co-workers and customers say that those kinds of 
things don't work very well.  It might slow down algae growth for a week or 
so, but it will come right back.  I have found a product called "Green Water" 
to work fairly well for pea soup algae, and a product called "Phos Zorb" to 
stunt algae growth better than most products.  However, I can truthfully tell 
you that there is no miracle working drug that will get rid of algae.  By 
absorbing the phosphates (with the Phos-Zorb) you can limit their growth, but 
I'm not sure how well that would go over in a planted tank, seeing that the 
plants need the phosphates also.  Your best bet is definatly to find some 
good algae-eating fish.  Otocinclus are one of my favorites for eating algae 
off of leaves.  I have seen plecos tear apart swordplants, so those wouldn't 
be my first choice.  I also love the siamese algae eaters if you can get 
them.  And by the way, does anyone know if the false variety of these (flying 
foxes) eat algae as well?
Don't get discouraged with your algae problems!