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Re: Stem Plants and Pruning (& territorial fish)


Thanks for the tip. I have been on the lookout since I introduced them. They 
displayed very aggressive behavior, after a few days, towards other 
inhabitants, and one otocinclus showed up mysteriously dead with an injury 
(bloody spot) after bringing them in. I even had to remove a 3rd ram to 
another tank, which I had bought just in case I hadn't sexed them correctly. 
I guess I sexed them correctly, in any case.

They were seriously more aggressive in one area. I've read they will 
generally spawn on a flat rock if available, which there is not in this tank. 
The most protected area was a patch of ludwigia, and there was no apparent 
nest or eggs. Other than guppies, I've never had spawns in a tank, so I'm not 
sure what to look for.

I have read that commercially sold rams are often sterile, so the protective 
behavior could be all for naught. I have also read that of all the dwarf 
cichlids, they rate at the bottom as far as parenting goes. It would be a 
shame, if after all this aggression, they turn around and eat their kids for 


<<You invaded a spawning site, or at least a spawning tank.  Look closely for 
eggs before you go in their nursery again.  They aren't as prone to sowing 
off their kids as we are, and prefer to protect them against other critters.>>