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Re: Stem Plants and Pruning (& territorial fish)

Biplane10 at aol_com wrote:

> I think the basic question here, is which plants can just be *mowed*? To my 
> knowledge the hygrophila plants can all be cut down this way. Cabomba has to 
> be pulled up and tops replanted. What about the Eusteralis stellata? 

I noticed that my Althernanthera reineckii roseafolia does not seem to stand 
too much pruning. It was growing healthy and beautifully red until I prunned
its outgrown stems a couple times. First I throwed out the growing tips and 
let the cutout stumps in place to regrow. They did so beautifully. Then I
pruned again and replanted the growing tips, throwing out the rooted stumps.
Again it recovered nicely. The third time, I again replanted the growing tips,
but then it slowed down noticeabily, lost its color even on the leaves' 
undersides, and new growth is coming out crinkled and small. Nothing else 
changed in the tank, it's been very stable for several months now. And all 
other plants in the same tank didn't change their behavior at all.

Could this be due to incorrect pruning technique ? What is the experience 
with this plant ? I treat my other stem plants (r. indica, h. polysperma and 
sunset, creeping charlie, mermaid weed) in the same way and they are responding
fine for about one year now.  All other about 20 plant species in the same
tank are doing great too.


-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD