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Re: Stem Plants and Pruning (& territorial fish)

Sylvia writes:

> Anyway, the annoying thing I encountered whilst trimming was a new pair of 
>  blue rams, which I added to the tank about a week ago, decided to wage an 
>  attack on me. I didn't mind the barbs, which will come and nip here and 
>  there. I didn't mind the otocinclus, while I had my hand in far too much 
>  removing gravel and leaves with hair algae, who used to come and try to 
>  onto my hand. But it was a bit disarming to find the rams (both) attacking 
>  repeatedly while I was trying to dig out those little holes and place a 
>  stem and cover it back up. They'd be at it repeatedly during the entire 
>  process. Of course, it's not really paintful, but I guess I saw Jaws too 
> many 
>  times.

You invaded a spawning site, or at least a spawning tank.  Look closely for 
eggs before you go in their nursery again.  They aren't as prone to sowing 
off their kids as we are, and prefer to protect them against other critters.

Bob Dixon