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Re: Flag fish

on 3/16/00 8:48 AM, Richard Sexton wrote:

> Does anybody use pupfish (Cyprinodon species) for algae control?
> Apart from liking warm water they ought to work pretty god I'd
> think.

Having kept C. alverez (Potsoi pupfish I can shed some light here.

For starters, they like it harder and saltier than the plants we keep in our
aquaria. I routinely kept them in water with a specific gravity of brackish
(1.012 to 1.014) using a saltwater mix to accomplish the mission. They can
do quite well even at higher SG's, at least short term. I once mixed the
water a little too strong, they were perfectly tickled with an SG of 1.018!

While they have incredible appetites and will eat whatever hits the water's
surface, never once did I see my crew browsing algae.

So, with that in mind, I don't think they'd be the best candidates for a
planted tank. But they do make for interesting keeping. They don't call them
_PUP_fish for nothing <G>.