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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #158

I looked at the website, and...  I dunno.  It seems a little dubious.  I
think I have enough algae problems, without farming the stuff.  And once it
colonizes the little scrubber box, what's to stop it from colonizing your
tank as well?  After all, it's all brightly lit, full of nutrients, and full
of marvelous surfaces to colonize.  And with all that algae eating up
nutrients, it is actually competing with your plants for the same things
your plants need.  And what about mechanical filtration?  I wouldn't try it
if it were my tank.


>Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 09:38:34 -0600
>From: Mark and Lisa XYZ <Lisark at arkansas_net>
>Subject: Algae scrubbers
>Is anyone on the list using an algae scrubber as filtration?  If so, can
>I get some feedback as to the effectiveness of the system?  Pro's, con's
>or other input welcome.
>I ask because I am building my "mother of all aquariums" and want the
>best, simplest system to maintain.  I've been researching all the
>different methods and the algae scrubber, as described at
>http://www.aquaricare.com seems very intriguing.  If anyone has any
>information they would like to share, please do so.