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Flag fish

>List Members, What is the difference between 1. American Flag fish, 
>Jordanella floridae and  2. American Flag Fish , Ameca Splendens - Butterfly
>Goodeid?  Which one is best for a planted tank?  Does it matter which one to
>buy?  Which one is most often found in the  fish stores in the  USA?

Jordanella floridae is an egg laying tooth carp ("killifish")
Ameca splendens is a livebearing tooth carp (livebearer).

J. floridae is properly know as the "American Flag Fish". A.
splendend is commonly known as the "Butterfly goodied". I've
never seen it referred to as a flag fish. 

They both eat algae.

Does anybody use pupfish (Cyprinodon species) for algae control?
Apart from liking warm water they ought to work pretty god I'd

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