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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #158

>Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 09:38:34 -0600
>From: Mark and Lisa XYZ <Lisark at arkansas_net>
>Subject: Algae scrubbers
>Is anyone on the list using an algae scrubber as filtration?  If so, can
>I get some feedback as to the effectiveness of the system?  Pro's, con's
>or other input welcome.
>I ask because I am building my "mother of all aquariums" and want the
>best, simplest system to maintain.  I've been researching all the
>different methods and the algae scrubber, as described at
>http://www.aquaricare.com seems very intriguing.  If anyone has any
>information they would like to share, please do so.

Gee guest why I now grow plants? They do a better job than algae in FW
systems........plants will work better. It's that simple.

I had the Mother of all Aquariums about 12 years ago. I did a very nice
scrubber. I found that I could grow plants in wet/dry filter like
tubes(hydroponics) far faster and reduce NO3 much faster and harvest the
plants far easier and the plants needed far less light to grow and in many
case just ambient room light from a window is fine. Need more info? I did a
cyclic spray bar batch controlled method with it also. Plants still did
better. Also why grow algae when you can grow plants? Plant you can sell,
who's going to buy a small clump of algae? Make a better place for plants
.......not algae.
The same can be equated to submersed plants but you will need some light and
CO2 etc but many high light tanks need to add NO3 in the form of KNO3 to our
tanks so why did you say you needed an algae scrubber again? I've been
there, done that. Work good on salt tanks(check out Leng's glorified algae
scrubber on a salt web forum) or a brackish tank but there are salt plants
out there too!

The plant filter sounds like the best simplest Method for you. It won't take
any CO2 or much light either. It's also a great way to get the benefits of
plant filteration without ahving any plants in your tanks if this is what
your after(like for AF/SA cichilds or Lg catfish Salt or brackish etc).
Hydrologix makes them or you can build your own. They also use less water
flow than algae scrubber do. So they save electricity on both lighting and
pumps and on floorspace/footprint.
Tom Barr